Bipole penguin

My prom dress doesn’t fit any longer. It’s seriously time for me to lose some weight now.

I’m so horny right now. It’s not fair the guy I want to fuck is living in another country. Or that my bf is in our bed sleeping right now.

Reading that above paragraph makes me feel like a horrible person.

But I’m still so horny… 

We might be breaking up. After 4 years.

I’ve been talking a lot with one of the guys I met earlier this summer. As in A LOT. Expensive texts and such. He lives in another country.

We’ve made a deal. I stop self harming, and he stops smoking. Right now it doesn’t seem very hard for me to keep my part of the deal, but then I know how it is when I’m down there in the depths of hell, and then nothing really is easy. 

Should’ve met him. This time his cell-phone broke. Or so he says. Paranoid me is thinking he just doesn’t want to meet me at all. Ever.

Spent some days out of town with friends. Anxiety ruined saturday night for me, which I had really looked forward to. Instead of going clubbing I stayed in bed at the hostel. Great.

Hey, you!
What the fuck is wrong with you? 

They have full-body mirrors at the gym. I’m disguisted by what I see.

Texting texting texting. He says he likes me. Too bad he lives in another country, he had nice lips and fingers…

If I found the right fb-profile for 2nd guy, he has a gf. I’m such a horrible person and it makes me happy. Now on the train back home, and there are cute guys all around. Damn, I look at them and get all horny and wet. Really need to get home to my bf and get laid…

I found someone to hold me while I sleep. Just for one night, cuddling. Oh how I needed that. Falling asleep in someones arms is underrated. And I don’t even know his name.

Everybody else have someone. I feel so lonely.

I think I just got someone to cheat on his wife while on a business trip.

Cute boy across the aisle on the train. He’s reading Nietzsche.